Katariina Angerla

Oriental dance
Katariina has been dancing oriental dance for almost 10 years at Zaray Dance. In dance her dance style, she is soft and feminine, not forgetting playful and joyful interpretation of the music.

As a teacher, Katariina is effective and the dance technique is thoroughly reviewed. In classes, there is enough challenge for the newly-initiated dancers as well as for those who have danced longer Welcome to Oriental Dance!

Bboy Pluto

Break Dance
Get a chance to learn the art of Breaking from one of the best b-boys/teachers in Finland, Break SM 2020 Winner – Andrii “Pluto”’ Gregul (Ruffneck Attack/Ukraine).

No matter your age or level you will learn the fundamentals and understand the basic ideas behind this artform in a relatively short period of time.

Every class includes all the aspects needed in order to provide you a quality session, such as warm up, coordination, mobility and flexibility exercises, rhythmical games etc. The teaching is of high quality and carefully planned.


Rosa Lohiniva

Contemporary dance

Rosa is a dancer, dance teacher and artistic director of Dance Theater PINTA. Rosa graduated as a dancer in 2007, in 2016 as a drama educator and in 2018 as a cultural producer. In addition to Finland, Rosa has performed in Russia and India, among other places.

In recent years, Rosa has been interested in the interface between dance and movement. She has already published one book of her research. At the moment, in addition to Polijazz ry, Rosa teaches at the Espoo Dance Institute, among others

Polijazz spring lessons hone contemporary dance techniques and, depending on the time, learn one or two dance choreographies.