Katariina Angerla

Oriental dance
Katariina has been dancing oriental dance for almost 10 years at Zaray Dance. In dance her dance style, she is soft and feminine, not forgetting playful and joyful interpretation of the music.

As a teacher, Katariina is effective and the dance technique is thoroughly reviewed. In classes, there is enough challenge for the newly-initiated dancers as well as for those who have danced longer Welcome to Oriental Dance!

Victor ”Vicious” Sono


Vicious started dancing on the streets of Brossard, suburb of Montreal in 1998. In 2006 he took his career to the next level by starting to compete first in the jams in Montreal and then all around the world.
Vicious is a member of the Sweet Technique and the Boogie Brats crews.
One of the first bboys from Montréal to make an impact in the international scene, creating a path for the new generations of Canada that have lately been representing hard internationally.

“Train like an athlete, think like an artist! “

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Sini Heinonen

Contemporary dance

Sini Heinonen graduated as a dancer from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 2005. Since then, she has worked as a dancer in the Finnish National Ballet and in the modern dance group in France, and has taught modern dance at Polijazz for a long time. She also directs Polijazz’s performance group Koherenssi and is responsible for the association’s performance activities.

Sini’s lessons include diverse selection of movement language and techniques of modern dance besides several dance choreographies during the season. The lessons are cheerful, lyrical and action-packed, and inspire you to practice and dance more.

Sini’s style and teaching have a strong ballet background. The lessons are enough of a challenge for both beginners and those who have been dancing for longer time.

Welcome to get excited about contemporary dance!