Alexis Akurang

Street Dance
Alexis Akurang has been doing street dance for eight years. Alexis has been competing in the Finland championships and she has taught in several dance schools in Finland.

Helena Angerla

Oriental Dance
Helena has been dancing Oriental dance for almost 10 years at Zaray Dance. In dance her dance style, she is soft and feminine, not forgetting playful and joyful interpretation of the music.

As a teacher, Helena is effective and the dance technique is thoroughly conducted. In classes, there is enough challenge for the newly-initiated dancers as well as for those who have danced longer Welcome to Oriental Dance!.

BBoy Rèo

Break Dance
BBoy Rèo is an Old Generation versatile dancer from Manila who has permanently marked his name in the Norwegian urban dance scene.
Rèo moved to Norway when he was 14, and became one of the pillars of street dance in the country. At 48, he is now the principal teacher at SDI, and passionately shares his multi-talents to his students.

Sini Heinonen

Contemporary dance
Sini graduated as a dancer in the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in spring 2005. She has danced in Finnish National Ballet productions, both classical ballet and contemporary dance, participated in competitions in Finland and abroad, and, among other things, danced with the International Youth Dancers ‘ group in France.

Sini has taught the contemporary dance in Polijazz and guided the active presentation group for a long time. Contemporary dance is a diverse and movable sport, with lessons in a comprehensive manner, such as the technique of dancing, muscle tone and movement, as well as different styles of dances from lyrical and dancing movement to vigorous rock. Welcome to join