COVID-19 info


Polijazz follows THL’s (Finnish Institute for health and welfare) corona guidelines and thus seeks to protect dancers from COVID-19 infection.

  • Please do not come if you are sick or even with mild symptoms.

Please stay home if you are waiting for test results, your family member is infected, or is suspected to be infected. Please follow the national quarantine instructions, especially when arriving from abroad.

  • Absences from your own classes do not need to be reported separately.

Absences can be flexibly replaced with other classes during the spring season.

  • Maintain adequate safety distance and consider co-dancers and staff to the best of your ability.

We ventilate the premises before and after classes and ensure good ventilation during the classes.

  • Wash your hands, use hand disinfectant and take care of good hand hygiene. We will provide hand disinfectant on site.


Thank you for your cooperation.❤️